“Meredith is the best blogger we have ever worked with! She is extremely creative, always understands exactly what we want done with minimal information on the topic, and never disappoints us! She hands everything in on time, and sometimes even early! We love that she is so kind and enthusiastic to get started on our blog posts immediately, and never has any problems with the topics we hand over – however demanding they may be! I 100% recommend Meredith to anyone looking for the perfect blogger.” -Esperanza de León, PeoplePerHour.com (CodigoDelSur)

“In my experience, Meredith has not only been quick and efficient at her job, but also effective. I trust her judgement and experience thoroughly.” -Callum McVickers, Mark Fisher Fitness

I was on the podium Meredith read her story of a mission trip to Honduras to the 400+ delegates present.  I could see the rapt attention on the faces of the listeners as she painted a picture of a world far different from what they had experienced.   It was the listeners who insisted that she submit the piece for publication because they had been so moved.  Meredith is never far from paper and pen, always writing for the shear love of writing.  And her longing to learn more is inspirational.  -K.H.